Budding actresses welcome, no experience needed!


We have been presented with a great opportunity to raise funds for our charity – Manx Breast Cancer Support Group.  A film company is looking for lady extras for various dates between 2-17th December. Budding actresses welcome, no experience needed. This will be for scenes in a powerful drama “Where Hands Touch” a love story set in the Second World War.

The company will pay our charity £100 per person, they will need to have their hair shaved or cut very short to appear. In addition each woman will receive payment of £80 per day and £150 for themselves. So ladies, will you brave the shave? Will you support us – we’d love you to consider it. Christopher Eccleston and Amandla Stenberg (Rue) from Hunger Games) are starring in it. Amanda will come to the Isle of Man and have her head shaved for the movie too. Join her, join us and help our charity!