A photographic Blog of the build and progress of the new Dedicated Breast unit.


16.09.15 The unit (White section) so you can see where it joins the original Nobles building. This is the back exit.

1486760_826199444108458_4852865737538759722_n 10882156_826227100772359_3923092866593968463_n


Breast unit build 6Breast unit build 4breast unit build 5

The new site at Nobles Hospital were the Breast Unit will be built.

breast unit build 3 Breast unit build 2 breast unit build 1

The framework of the building goes up.

Build1June Build2June Build3June
The interior walls have been installed.

Build April3 Build April2

Hard Hats on! In April 2015 we could go inside for a look.

Build April4

April 2015

Build July

July 2015

IOMtoday2 BuildviewJuly

This is the ‘Topping’ out ceremony in July 2015 and the beautiful view from the roof.

This will be the Reception Entrance Hall To the right will be the Reception area

September 2015 the interior rooms are coming together, windows & doors in.