The Breast Care Unit Appeal

The case for a dedicated Breast Unit in the Isle of Man

Oncoplastic breast surgery is the combination of surgery for breast cancer with the best and latest techniques in plastic surgery. It aims to provide optimal control in the treatment of breast cancer with the most favourable cosmetic outcome.

Previously, following a mastectomy, many patients were offered breast reconstruction surgery in the UK. This would be deferred, with patients sometimes having to wait years to travel away for the procedure, suffering separation from family and friends in their time of need.

Now all procedures related to the treatment of Breast cancer and subsequent breast reconstruction can take place at Nobles Hospital.

Patients can now have all aspects of their surgical treatment on island, including breast  reconstruction and sentinel lymph surgery. The breast screening service will also be located here and every woman on the Isle of Man will, at some stage in their lifetime, need to use this facility. A dedicated unit will lead to a more efficient delivery of service and, very crucially, a better experience for patients.


Cancer Pi Chart

Approximately 6,000 Breast Screenings take place each year at the Manx Breast Unit. Over 100 woman will be diagnosed on the Island each year with Breast Cancer. There will be over 3,000 outpatient appointments at the Symptomatic Breast Clinic each year.