Welcome to the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group

The Manx Breast Cancer Support Group has become more than a charity, it is now a powerful entity. A combination of like-minded people working together to improve the Breast Care Service in the Isle of Man.

So far having successfully fund-raised around £4million to build and equip a state of the art Breast/Screening Unit at Nobles Hospital, we now continue to fund-raise to ensure that our Breast Unit is of the highest standard.

EVERY PENNY we raise stays on our Island and is spent to help improve the Pathway for Breast Cancer Patients.

Here are just some of the things we have spent the funds on:

  • Breast Unit
  • DBT Breast Tomosynthesis or 3D Mammogram for breast screening
  • Breast MRI software package
  • Equipment for the training of staff for PICC lines
  • Patient Quiet Room at Ronaldsway Airport
  • 2 Dual Paxman Scalp Coolers for Chemotherapy Patients
  • A lung nodule computer aided software package
  • Leaflet for Patient Transfer
  • Leaflets for breast screening, breast awareness and over 70’s reminder cards
  • Ultrasound Equipment x2 for the Manx Breast Unit.
  • Text alert software for Radiology
  • Gowns for Chemotherapy patients
  • Together with Mannin Cancers 2 spectral CT Scanners with full ambiance
  • Refurbishment of the new CT Suite and reception area
  • Funding the Oncotype DX Test for Breast Cancer Patients
  • Water coolers and coffee machine for the Breast unit and Radiology
  • Oncology Software for CT Scanners
  • Gamma Probe
  • Mammopads to help make Mammograms easier for Breast patients
  • A Lymphscanner for Hospice IOM to help patients diagnosed with Lymphoedema