Welcome to the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group

The Manx Breast Cancer Support Group has become more than a charity, It is now a powerful entity. A combination of like-minded people working together to improve the Breast Care Service in the Isle of Man.

So far having successfully fund-raised over £2.7m to build and equip a state of the art Breast/Screening Unit at Nobles Hospital, we now continue to fund-raise to ensure that our Breast Unit is of the highest standard.

EVERY PENNY we raise stays on our Island and is spent to help improve the Pathway for Breast Cancer Patients.

In 2018/19 we will be investing in an amazing Breast MRI software package, possibly then we’ll be the best and most advanced diagnostic unit in the UK – and why not! The software can find 40% more tumours while they are tiny and treat them quickly and less invasively.
Equipment for the training of Medical staff to put in PICC lines. This equipment comprises of ‘Phantoms’ which are models for staff to get invaluable experience on and a portable Ultrasound, so that veins can be more easily identified for the line placement and make things much easier for patients.
A lung nodule computer aided software package. To detect early Lung involvement for Breast Patients and to also help in the diagnosis of early Lung Cancers.
Supply Mammopads Pads to help make Mammograms easier for patients who’ve previously had Breast Surgery.